Sandra Dodd

The theme of my responses for the past several months seems to be terminology that causes stoppages of thought and progress, for unschooling.

Clicking one thing and another this morning, I came to an older blog post from someone I know in person. I don't want to comment there; it's old and ideas might've changed. It's not about the person, anyway, so if she's here... don't claim it. :-)

-=- It is true that home education is more than about not going to school and when you are with your family all the time you can have different rules about meals, bedtimes and TV. We are not totally there, our daughter can "self-police" much more effectively than our son for example but it is a journey and that is where we would like to go.-=-

Different rules are still rules.
Self-policing still involves enforcement.

It is a very tiny step from thinking of rules to seeing choices.
Without taking that tiny step, though, the boundless lands beyond are inaccessible.