Sandra Dodd

From another topic, Karen James' response:

-=-<<Nobody loves my children more than me.>>

One of the greatest hopes I have for my son is that he will be well loved, both by me and by every other good-hearted person he invites into his life. If they love him more than me, I will consider him well blessed indeed. Open your heart to include a whole lot of love for your children. Allow it to be bigger than you. I can think of no greater gift. At the very least consider that your wife, the mother of your children, at least loves the kids as much as you. I find it difficult to believe you would choose to bring five lives into this world without that condition being true.

Many years ago a very young homeschooling mom (Christian, school-at-home) wrote something like "Just think! You will be your child's only teacher!" She thought it was fantastic.

The (few) unschoolers in the group said it might be better to hope kids would learn from everyone around them, but there is a huge fear in some homeschooling families that is really the reason they've kept their kids home. They don't WANT other people having any influence over them.

If someone loves one of my children more than I do, in the long run, that's what's going to make a good, strong marriage. Marty's getting married in two months. I hope his new wife will love him more than Keith and I do.

But she won't have the baby, or the toddler, or the boy. The ghosts of all the previous stages of Marty are mine—my memories, my visions. And I loved him in a biological way unmatched by just about anything in my life. But if I'm the tree and he's the fruit, the purpose is that he will find another tree. Or something. :-)

Karen wrote: " If they love him more than me, I will consider him well blessed indeed. "

Yes. Set the bar high and hope for someone to break your record. :-)

Make your homelife great so that only a better offer will lure your kids away.