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One of the moms in my homeschooling group had a daughter that really wanted
to try school. Debbe, the mom, thought it would be too much of a burden for
just the one child to go.

They made a compromise, and after working it out with the school, the
daughter attended two days a week. This was years ago - and I don't remember
how long the daughter went to school -- I think it was for a few months -
then she was done with it.


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My daughters wanted to try school this year.  We tried to get them into the public Montessori program, but they didn't get in (lottery system), so we enrolled them in K and 3rd grade at the local public school.  My 8yo went for about two weeks before realizing that she wasn't interested in what they had to offer.  She was there long enough to have a math assessment which showed her to be at the end of third/beginning of fourth grade level.  This is a girl who has never been required to do any math.  Everything she has learned has been through her own joyful exploration.  When we withdrew her the teacher told me to make sure I follow the curriculum guidelines set by the state so she doesn't fall behind.  I just smiled and said thanks.  My 5yo just recently decided not to continue to go to school.  She really liked it at first.  I think they do more to make it fun in the beginning of Kindergarten, but as the year wore on things started getting more rigid and she didn't like that.  "Why do I have to start my letters at the top? Who cares where I start my letters?!?"  So we are all back at home now.  It's been cool to see how confident my daughters were in trying out a new situation and in walking away from it when it didn't feel right.  I was able to partner with them to create the experience they were seeking without a bunch of fear and dogma getting in the way.  I owe a lot to the things I've read on this list over the years.  I am a much more calm and confident mom because of it.  Thanks, everyone!