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I'm very bad at selling myself, or books. :-)

I'm good at defending what I do for free, but I hang back and drag my feet about promoting things that involve money.

But here's the situation: Keith and I will be in Maine for over a week doing local things with Laurie Wolfrum (a presentation at a grower's fair, an evening at the library), culminating in two days in a church hall with food, where Laurie will speak, and Colleen's husband, Robert Prieto, and me. Keith, a little, informally, no doubt. He will answer questions and tell stories but he doesn't want "to be a speaker."

The conference is not free, and is at a church, not a hotel. It will cost more to stay the night somewhere than to get into the conference, and if you haven't already found lodging, maybe try an agency (Cara recommends or a nearby town, but there is a link about lodging in a tab up top, on the blog.

Robert's talks look really good:
Lots of pictures. Minecraft. Stories.

Mine won't have pictures. Mine will make pictures in your head, though, if you relax and let them come.

I've met Laurie, who is wonderful and sweet and I'm glad to get to see her in her own world. I've never been to Maine, and it will be fall, with the trees.

I have not met Colleen or her family (nearly did once, but Robbie got sick). You could go and meet her, too!

I have not met Karen James yet (nearly did once, when I was in Massachusetts, but her uncle died and they needed to attend a funeral).
Barring emergencies, I will get to meet Karen James! You could go and meet her, too.

My will to travel has been used up. Please, if you live the NE of north America and you have thought about hearing me, don't let this slide thinking there will be other times. (Unless you can afford to come to New Mexico in December; I can do New Mexico things. :-))

And NH....
This is a potluck, free (though donations would be accepted, to help cover the rental car and our air fare from New Mexico), at someone's home. More information will be sent to those who are sure they want to attend. E-mail me at Sandra@SandraDodd if you'd like to have a few hours with me and Keith and a few other unschoolers in Manchester, New Hampshire on Tuesday, September 23.

Thanks for reading this, even if you can't go. Maybe you know someone there who might be interested. Maybe it will inspire you to come to Albuquerque this December to hear Hema Beharadwaj, me, Jill Parmer, maybe (MAYBE) Rose Sorooshian. Or next December, 2015, to hear Alex Polikowsky, maybe/probably Marta Pires, and me and perhaps (PERHAPS) Pam Sorooshian and probably (I hope) Jil Parmer. :-)


Sandra Dodd

Why even though I'm a fairly good speller I cannot spell Laurie Wulfrum, three reasons:

1) For a while, long ago, my SCA/medieval name was Wolfun. That, I can spell. I changed it to AElflaed; hardly anyone can spell that.
2) I'm getting old.
3) I hurry and I forget to check.

Sorry, Laurie.

Sandra Dodd

OMG!  I need to go back to sleep!! :-)

1) For a while, long ago, my SCA/medieval name was Wolfun. That, I can spell. 

WolfRUN.  Apparently I can't spell anything.

For a while, long ago, my SCA/medieval name was Wolfrun.  With an 'r'.

But Maine.... that plan is on.  :-)  And I hope people will come.

Friday night there will be a session for locals who are new to the whole idea.  Earlier in the day Friday, the most serious talks.  Saturday, intermediate (in case some of the Friday night folks want to come back).


Sandra Dodd

Sleep won't help this.

Someone wrote "I tried to email you, but my email seems to think your
address below is not the right one, and won't send it. I'm
interested in the potluck in NH."


I think I left off the ".com"