Joyce Fetteroll

I've sort of adopted the role of the one who shoves the list description in front of new members faces, trying to get people to read it ;-) But while I was on vacation I just let everyone through.

So anyone who joined in the past 3 weeks -- and anyone who hasn't read this in a while -- please do read!
Unlike most unschooling lists, the Always Learning list digs into the inner workings of parenting practices. List discussion focuses on what helps and hinders learning and relationships.

Everyone who posts -- whether a question or a reply -- should want to see their ideas analyzed under an unschooling light.

The list thrives on unschooling questions and discussion! :-) But it's also perfectly okay to sit back and follow the discussion. (All new members are encouraged to do just that for awhile to get a feel for the list.)

Many find the analysis helps them clear out hidden baggage, think more clearly and become the radical unschooling parents they want to be. Some find it uncomfortable.

If Always Learning sounds like a list you'd like to try, then Welcome! If not, best wishes in your unschooling and finding a list that fits your unschooling needs.