Katie McGervey

Talk to you daughter about the dynamic that you have seen between her and her friend.  Help her identify the warning signs that she is nearing needing a break so she can tell you.  She may need her break alone or with you or her brother, so the friend may need to have some alone time or do something special with you.

I would also broach the topic with the friend, what would she like to do when some time apart would be helpful.  She may feel even more trapped because she is "stuck" at your house but needing her own space.  Could she go home for a couple of hours to hang out by herself?  I know my 11 year old cherishes the time he gets alone in the house.

Lots of real roommates (and life partners) have to figure these things out too, so it can be part of the roommate theme with them.  Is there a guest room where the friend can move to occasionally to go "on vacation?"

This family and your kids are lucky to have such a thoughtful friend!