Sandra Dodd

Twenty years ago, when I already had three kids, friends of ours got married.

I got them ten assorted fancy picture frames as a gift, and each had a certificate I had made.  In those days there was a way to put gold or silver lettering on a printout if you owned a laser printer, which I did.  Not a colored laser, but there was plastic film that would melt itself onto the words when fastened to the paper.   Hard to describe.  But they all had something in gold. or silver to match that frame.

This person (my friend Jeff) had changed tires for me, and he made fun of me for choosing "Charlie Brown Christmas trees" (imperfect trees, because I thought no one else would buy those).

He and his wife-to-be had been living in California where he was finishing an engineering degree.  We wrote lots of paper letters.  All that about stamps and letters... I didn't know the internet was coming.  

But I thought it might be interesting to share what I thought would be an ideal life. 
They're still together, and have two boys, now teens.

This one was centered with a nice font and made a design that matched the shape of the frame.  That artistry is lost now, but in looking for a place to deposit some writing I had done today about why I helped unschoolers so much, I found this.

WISHES that your life together

will have warmth, laughter, vegetables,

a washing machine that never breaks

down, a mailbox full of letters, hummingbirds

in your yard, surprise visits from old friends,

easy tire changes, nice neighbors, happy children,

full and symmetrical Christmas trees, healthy lawns,

fluffy pillows, warm sweaters, always one more postage stamp some-where, rainbows, flowering vines, reliable cars, good seats at the movies, winning raffle tickets, long-lasting

lightbulbs, thank-you notes you didn’t expect, sweet

dreams, just-right alarm clocks, shade trees, hot

water and soft towels, a great roof, calm and

peaceful days, enough bookshelves, floors

that never squeak, good-tasting tapwater,

self-confidence, comfy chairs, sane

and sympathetic employers, interest-

bearing checking accounts, good

digestion, plenty of ballpoint pens,

socks that match, strong 

foundations, and plenty

of picture frames.