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Brilliant! I'll most definitely be sharing this on :)

I'd add too, she says, "Though this isn’t necessarily true of computer use, as they are sitting for that…." but not necessarily :) Finn (8) spends a large proportion of his PC gaming time with one hand on the mouse, the other on the keyboard, but standing, wiggling, squealing, jumping, balancing on his chair... he does sit sometimes though :)


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Jo Isaac, an unschooling mom with a PhD, has written something fun but deep about video games. It's designed to refute "yeah but" arguments.


I'm certain there are a few people here who have been needing something this clear and current to send to a relative or friend. Go for it!!



Thank you so much for sharing this!!!  My 15 year old is enrolled in an umbrella school and I send weekly time sheets in detailing what she's learned. She plays a lot of video games and I have been struggling to come up with which subject to use for which hours so this is a tremendous help!

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