Hello all,

I'd appreciate some help brainstorming unschooling session topics for a Homeschool Unconference in my local area.

The unconference will be a small gathering held three weeks after HSC's summer conference. I'd like to preface my question by encouraging everyone in the California Bay Area and beyond to attend HSC's Adventures in Unschooling Conference, which happens July 31-August 3rd in Santa Clara.  Sandra will be speaking, along with many other inspiring guests.  Special rates expire tomorrow, April 15th, so register now!

In my local area, I'm interested in leading an unconference session on unschooling.  My goals are to raise interest, convey principles, and foster connections between parents.  One idea I had was to lead a discussion based on the Facebook group "My Unschooler is Interested In..."  Participants could identify one of their child's interests, and fellow parents could help brainstorm ideas and resources for them.  We could chart this on paper and hand it to them at the end of the session.

Unconference sessions are informal and collaborative, which is great for me because I'm not comfortable speaking in groups for very long!  Does anyone have any feedback or suggestions for me on running a successful unschooling session?

Thank you,

Barb Matessa