Sandra Dodd

Some events create a discussion group, but this discussions has spawned events. :-)

I wrote that yesterday. I leave in two hours.

The Texas event is not an Always Learning Live event, but Kirby and I will be there and it's at a cool-looking site, and I think it will be a good one. The rest are me and guests. :-)

Some are small, just a dozen families, but the one in Melbourne is kinda getting out of hand. :-)

Minnesota this year has a pizza party and a hotel with lots of good things right outside in public places—not an isolated hotel at all. And there's a shuttle from that hotel (for money, but still...) to the Mall of America or the Minneapolis/St.Paul airport (or the Rochester airport). Pam Laricchia and Alex Polikowsky will speak.

If you follow that link there will be lots more info.

Think about attending one of these. They won't go on forever. I'm getting old, y'know.