This is to express my extreme gratitude to Sandra for having created this forum and to all contributors. Truly, before I searched and found this group, one who is new to unschooling can truly feel "alone" without knowing that there are those who can listen, support, help, and challenge what is worthy of being challenged. I have to admit that I have been consumed by learning all that I can because we are in the early stages...it is enthralling!  I found the stories on the Teen page of Sandra's website to be a great support. I have been devouring books and any resource I can find to help me as a parent deschool and transition into unschooling. My son needed help deschooling the most, then me, then my daughter who trusts herself and just knew she was right all along : )
I become aware with each small step of a limited thought I had been holding and am then able to expand my awareness so I can be a support for my children's learning/living. Always Learning so aptly describes thing! Fears I was holding (and honestly at times terror) despite what I instinctively knew was right but had not yet connected with anyone for support...those fears are completely gone now thanks to support here...it now is just beginning to feel like the most beautiful thing ever...we are all so happy. Thank you!