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We are new to unschooling after 2 years of attempting Waldorf at home. It is a blessed new path and I am feeling so wonderful embracing all of their interests instead of trying fearfully to shut out the world all the time! My DD6 just said to me this morning, "You're the best mom in the world!" <<glowing!>> 

We are taking steps in the right direction, but are not "all the way there" yet (though it seems my DD has read all the websites and is going straight through the list of things to ask about--LOL! She was born to do this :) ). 

My question has to do with sleep schedules. How do other couples out there find opportunities for intimate time together when their kids are staying up until or past the adults' bedtimes? I have tried searching the archives but have not had luck finding much pertinent discussion. 

Thank you so much everyone!



If you are talking about sex then being flexible when you have young kids!
Sex does not only happen at night in the couples bed :)

You can hire a mother's helper to come play with your daughter while you have some quality time with your husband ( setting up a date works for many couples even ones not unschooling !)

Don't forget the power of a quickie!   Those 5 minutes you can lock yourselves somewhere when the kids are happy and engaged doing something !

Now if you are talking about connection  and intimacy in  the hang out together way that it can be done in small increments!
A hug here, a flirtatious look there, a stolen kiss.

Kids grow and you get more time too!
My son has been going to be about 6 PM so my husband and I only have to think about my daughter ( who can be pretty absorbed in Minecraft, Skyping her friends and watching videos) but what really gets us is being tired  and that would have been there with kids or no kids due to the nature of his work!

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>>>>How do other couples out there find opportunities for intimate time together when their kids are staying up until or past the adults' bedtimes?<<<<<

Since our son goes to sleep when we do (usually after midnight), and sleeps at least ten hours, my husband and I have the mornings to connect. As well, I occasionally wake in the middle of the night. I often go sit in the living room to read a while. Sometimes he stirs when I come back to bed. I find that's a nice time to connect, then fall back to sleep for a few more hours.


Lisa Celedon

I started strewing things for my husband- I won't get into details, but leaving things or videos and such, in his drawer or in the Netflix queue (we all share one, but my kids dont access it yet)- letting him know I'm thinking of it too- and we make the connection when we can. I think for some men that might be frustrating, like a tease, but mine seems like it. I stopped rolling my eyes at all his 'thats what she said' jokes, and now I laugh. I joke back. A nice 20 second kiss in the hallway or at the computer chair can be wonderful. I stopped getting irritated when he would grab my butt and such- now I flirt back. He's been in a much better mood more often since I started making more of an effort in that department. And I'd sort of forgotten how much I enjoyed it too. My youngest is still nursing quite a bit, and my hormones haven't shifted back to having any sort of hormonally-motivated desire yet. It takes some concentrated effort for me to get my mind there, but it's worth it. :)

Lisa C

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