Tori Bart

Happy New Year.

Our daughters have been fully embracing the Disney Series Gravity Falls for sometime now and just recently have been trying to discover the 'secret' within the series. They are watching you tube 'walkthroughs' (I think they are called?) I've printed off the Bill Ciphers diagram and they are currently having a ball trying to decode it all!

My question is if anyone would know of any other online (or otherwise) clues or help. We are in the UK and none of our daughter's friends have heard of it so I'm hoping someone from over the water would help, please?

Warmest Regards


Virginia Warren

You might wish to join the unschooling gamers yahoo list.



Make sure you do state you are an unschooler when asking to join :)

Alex Polikowsky

From: Virginia Warren

You might wish to join the unschooling gamers yahoo list.


Good idea, but a link would be even better!  :-)   

Could someone tell a bit about that discussion, if it's still going, and leave a link, please?


The Yahoo Unschooling Gamers group was a group created by unschooling gamers to unschooling gamers.
It is a group where we talk about games, we connect and play together and it is for parents and kids.

Many great friendships have been made in the group and people travel all over to meet each other.
The group is not for people that are not unschooling and it is also not for discussions about unschooling or unschooling philosophy even if related to gaming.
It is assumed member are supportive of their children's passion and embrace the values of video games.

When applying please state you are an unschooler.
Then introduce yourself to the group and check the database.
Read at least a couple of weeks worth of posts too. It helps immensively.

Happy Gaming

Alex Polikowsky