Two things led me to share this super cute video here.
First it was the video and how awesome that this parents embraced and supported their child's love for trash! Yes trash and the trash pick up!
It would be so easy for them to turn to their little boy and say "Yuck" we don;t play with trash!"
But they did the opposite! 
I think it is very important for parents to not just accept but embrace what your child likes. Be trash or watching cartoon!
I remember when I did not like the Thomas the Train videos or Dora's voice. I made the effort!  I now love and miss watching Thomas with my son sitting on my lap and even have very found memories of Dora !!! Get over it I say.  Be really open to it. Take a change. Even the cartoons I never cared that much for I still know enough about them to get the jokes and references!

Second it was Sandra that wrote in a link a little list of some of the things I have done in my life for work and there are many very different things.
My parents embraced anything we were interested in. They never said demeaning things about the stuff we liked. They were supportive and accepting.
I went to College and did get a Degree but my siblings did not and they were never made to feel bad  or less in any way compared to me.
I see that now! I am glad they were like that. My brother has also followed his passions and done many different things really well. My sister does not jump around as much as we do/did.

 So here is the very heartwarming video that will make you smile.
Alex Polikowsky