During one of the resent discussions about computer and tv time Alex listed a few web sites that her children enjoin playing. This was very helpful to me because I'm not a player myself and my DD who is 4.5 is very interested in Reading Eggs but I didn't know what else I could show her that she would also enjoy. The Internet is so huge I am not even sure how I would google for sites she might like and I also don't have a lot of time looking through these sites. So I was wondering if it was possible to make a list of sites that members of this group found fun and interesting so I could offer these to my children as a starting point. Below is the list Alex wrote and my daughter tried the first two already and loved them. http://www.poissonrouge.com/ http://www.starfall.com/ http://www.linerider.com/ http://fantasticcontraption.com/ http://www.crayonphysics.com/ http://www.roblox.com/Landing/Animated Adrienn


Adrien I run a group on Yahoo called Unschooling_Gamers .
The group is for talking games and connecting.

 A great place to ask for games ideas~!


Please tell us you are an unschooler when you ask to be a member or we will deny membership :)

Alex Polikowsky

Robyn Coburn

There is a great Facebook resource that you will like - the group My
Unschooler is Interested In...

I'm on my phone so it's tough to link, but it shouldn't be too tough
to search and find on FB.

You can post the interest and get links and ideas back, or better
still search the group archive for past links etc and get started at

Robyn L. Coburn