Sandra Dodd

My main unschooling page is #89 of 101 on a list mostly including pretty conservative looking sites.  Interesting.

People outside the U.S. who wonder why we're going on sometimes about conservative Christian homeschoolers might find some things in there that will be surprising (or not). 

The person who compiled the list chose one post or page to recommend on each one.  

For mine, she liked "Leaning on a Truck," which has as its filename "truck" but she called it "Communication"  :-)

And of my site, she wrote:  
Radical Unschooling is a blog that approaches hundreds of perspectives on dozens of topics, including life changes, body language, and schooling. You might consider this site your “go-to” resource for all things unschooling.

It's not "a blog," but some younger people don't know the difference, I guess, between a blog and a website. :-) 

And the site she recommended was