Sandra Dodd

I bristle every time someone uses the word "ridiculous" here, or who writes "LOL" to someone else's comment.

I'm going to share something that illustrates what I'm objecting to.  These discussions here (and on facebook) happen in front of an audience, a readership, friends, strangers.  I worry a little about the progress and the soul of the person who is belittling good advice.  I worry more about those who might have perked up at the life-improving idea, but then were deflated by the scoffing of someone who would've done better to write nothing at all.

If anyone knows who this is, don't say; it's here for the ideas, not for the individuals

An unschooling mom quoted this, from Just Add Light, on facebook:

Anything you feel you "have to" do is entrapping and stifling.

Something you *choose* to do can be empowering and enlivening.
Sandra Dodd  i LOVE her. 

FACEBOOK FRIEND wrote:  Cleaning and cooking are entrapping and stifling!! Giving [somebody else] your post !!!<3

UNSCHOOLING MOM:  but if you chose to do it~ out of love~ it empowers you. and can be rewarding.   :-)

FACEBOOK FRIEND wrote:   I will keep re-reading your post BA!! As I clean , sigh lol

UNSCHOOLING MOM:   but it changes everything when we do it cheerfully thinking that we are taking care of our family's. 
i did have a friend who HATED cleaning so much though she worked outside the home to get just enough money to pay a cleaning lady each week! 

FACEBOOK FRIEND wrote:  Lol ^^^^.......maybe I'll be empowered tomorrow ;0) 


It's true that some people aren't ready to consider that they have options, or they don't care, or they like the combination of powerlessness and complaining.
And that was a facebook page, not an unschooling discussion.

But the reason "LOL" is bad here is for the reason that shows in the notes above.