Another story from my son.
He downloaded a game this weekend that was on sale from Steam  ( $6 dollars) called Games Dev Tycoon
Here is what the game is about from Wikipedia:
"Game Dev Tycoon is a business simulation video game released on December 10, 2012.[2] In the game, the player creates and publishes video games"
"The player starts out in a garage in the early 1980s during the Golden age of arcade video games with no employees, limited money, and limited choices for the first game. New games are created, new options are created, the first game engine is built, the player's game development skills improve. New consoles will also be released, so the player will be able to buy licenses for certain consoles, such as the GS, PlaySystem, mBox, and grPad which represent real life consoles and devices with different names due to trademark regulations. As the player progresses through the game further they have the opportunity to move to new offices and hire staff. An important milestone in the campaign sees the player moving into an office after making $1,000,000. After that further expansion is available, with players given the opportunity to open an R&D lab when reaching certain requirements that host major projects, allowing the player to create consoles, MMO's and Online Game Shops similar to Steam, uPlay, AppStore etc."

He has showed me the games he created and I have watched him play last night and today a bit.
I just love the name of the games he  created . Some are a totally different take on games that exist and some are complete creations of his own.
I am having so much fun collecting the names!

Murder and Fedoras
Bionic Kitten
Atom to Planet
Cigars and Murder
Cigars and Murder - Rubber Puffs
Dung Beattles and Dragons
Paylo Series
Paylo -Return of the Zombie Aliens
Supooper Dario Grows
Legend Of Meda
Legend Of Melda- Tinks Adventure
Taffer- Dark Shadows
Taffer- The Steampunk Age
Taffer-Deadly Shadows
Teachers and Preachers
Shotguns and Robots
Fat Cigarman- ( Console version of Cigars and Murder)
Death 4 Lead
Full Life
Full Life- Navy Blue Working Hours
The Meldar Pieces of Paper
Dog Simulation
Gun Wagon- Game of the Deer Edition
Gun -Wagon Wagon
Cirno Trigger
Cirno Cross
Tunnel Legend
FopleOut Series
Bionic Kitten 2 - Revenge of Dr. Dog
Dog Warriors
The Soms 3- Dog DLC
Gun Fun

Alex Polikowsky