Sandra Dodd

Each Wednesday (most Wednesdays) there is a chat on a particular topic. They go fast, they tumble and roll over, we keep them on topic, and some people don't like the speed or the focus. Other people LOVE it.

The chats are saved and edited and are (kind of obscure) resources for years to come. which is another reason to keep them on topic. Ideas are examined quickly. :-)
There's the announcement for October 16th's chat. It's noon to 2:00 pm at my house (Mountain Standard time, usually GMT+7) so it's a bad time some places and a great time for others.

If you think you might be interested in a future chat, when you're at the blog linked above, you can subscribe to announcements of chats.

You can read transcripts of some former chats, which are being gathered into one big list, gradually, but aren't finished yet, if you want a peek at what they can be like.

Some get side bars with more info, some don't.