Brynna Rafferty-Brown

I didn't have lots of rules when I was young and also wished, not that I'd necessarily been given more rules, but known more about what my parents thought about things I was doing so I could hold on to and refer to some kind of guidance. But I'm sure the main reason I felt like I wanted more guidance was because I spent a few years at a school where discipline was very strict and I felt like it knocked out a lot of my internal senses of what to do (e.g. I distinctly remember waiting for my mum to say when I had enough food on my plate as I didn't feel like I knew how much I wanted). Prior to attending that school I remember being far more self-confident.

My parents were always supportive and didn't give us lots of rules because they trusted us. One of the main reasons I became interested in unschooling is because I don't want our daughter's inner senses to be knocked out of her and for her to end up feeling like she needs rules to guide her through life. Instead I'd rather try to be just as supportive as my parents were, while also trying to provide an environment that preserves our daughters internal sense of what she wants, needs and feels is right (like when she feels hungry!) through unschooling.

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