Sandra Dodd

To everyone who has written things here, and similar places, that were gems of inspiration and that I saved and quoted elsewhere, or put on my site, or on Just Add Light and Stir, I need to share a thank-you note.

It's in the upper right of if you're reading this in the late summer of 2013. I put new quotes on top, so for anyone who reads this much later, look down a bit. :-)

Part of it is that she felt that because of my work she was " a better mother to my children and wife to my husband. Your words and your compilation of all the "good stuff" written by you and so many others over all the years has made a (joyous, incredible) difference my family's life, and hopefully my children's families' lives."

It's the mention of "good stuff written by... so many others" that makes it something I want to share.

Please write, those of you who are shy about writing. Writing a little is the intro to writing more. Writing more leads to writing better.

Several people told me this summer that they read here, but they wait for me or one of the other regulars to respond and then feel good if they predicted what we would say. I don't mind people using this discussion as a sort of video game, but I would like to invite people to write. Different voices are helpful. Here we all have the same accent, but in person, people should hear local accents.

If writing here will help anyone here to feel better about writing more locally, that's good. When one gets better at writing ("better" meaning it's flowing easily and the ideas are becoming clearer), she might find that it wouldn't be so hard to say those things aloud, in the company of eager and interested people.

But write, if you even kind of want to. Please.
And keep reading without writing, if that's what you really want to do.

Thank you, everyone (except that person who invites people away to another list where they badmouth me; you're a troll).