Sandra Dodd

I took another flight in exchange for a voucher. I'm still at Heathrow, and won't be in Albuquerque until midnight, so my 31 hour-or-so birthday (with the oceanic time change) will be in airports and planes.

But I had an idea. I put it at facebook, but the people who really write well and thoughtfully are more likely to be here. So I have a little request of anyone who wants to help make my birthday big, in an invisible way.


I just got a sweet note from someone who probably didn't know it's my birthday, but I'm going to consider it a gift and will share it because it's expansive and magnificent.

"I hold a high respect for you, for your direct approach and for the example you live. I grow from every encounter with you. For this I am forever grateful. Connecting with you has altered my life and the life of my children in an expanding, magnificent way. Thank you. Thank you for all you are and for sharing so much of yourself with all of us."

I've put it on my feedback page. It's nice when people think nice things about someone. It's even nicer when they write it down and send it.

How about this, for a birthday party. Write someone (not me, someone else) a little thank you note for something they might not even know you appreciated. Facebook note, e-mail, real paper-in-the-post, mail, text message... Something they can keep to look at again, when they feel a bit down. Think of me when you're doing it, and that will be the biggest birthday EVER!!

Thank you for that, and for what any of you have done, or will do, to make the world more peaceful and joyful.

Thank you, Always Learning readers!

Sandra (on my 60th birthday)

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