Rippy and Graham Dusseldorp

We're just two weeks away from the ALL Unschooling Symposium in Leiden, the Netherlands with Sandra and Joyce!

It's a wonderful opportunity to meet them, hear them speak and meet other unschooling families living in Europe.

There are already over thirty families attending. Most of the families will be coming from various parts of the Netherlands, but there are also families coming from Belgium, Germany, Luxemburg and Denmark.

Details about the symposium can be found here:

Sandra wrote this about unschooling conferences and symposiums:

-=- It helps to see other families in operation. It helps to see people speak whose voices have been only words on the screen. It helps to hear the tone of voice and see the eyes.

As to the expense, consider this: If you were required to take a course to be certified as a homeschooling parent, you probably would've done that. It would cost money, and time, and you'd have to have gotten a babysitter. But you didn't have to do that!! And people have been offering unschooling help freely. If you want to experience some of this in person, it will cost a little bit of money, some time and some transportation, but you will also learn things you can't learn sitting at the computer, and might make some lifelong friends. -=-