NatalieEric Sundby

I don't have any advise, but my boys have used a math text book up until
now, and I still have to help them a lot when it comes to games. Even with
adding up the money, or dice etc. they ask a lot of questions about the
instructions. It could just be a different situation for your daughter and
it caused her to draw a blank or caught her off guard. BTW my boys are 12
and 14.

>>>>oth my children have areas that I am sure others would be very
surprised that they didn't "know"**, given their ages, and at 13 and 10 yrs
old they are both well into school age believe me. One example recently
that made me think of this whole thread, is dd (13) was struggling to play
Monoploy at Girl Guides as she has never added columns of numbers on paper,
and couldn't do the mental math in her head to pay people or buy things,
although I know in real life she has done so with allowance and rounding it
up in her head/estimating change, or "candy money" in much smaller amounts
under 10.00, and with basic things like even amounts of dollars (no cents
involved). The other girls had to help her out a lot

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