Ali Zeljo

Hi, I have been facing a similar situation. It has helped us to brainstorm things that help him to feel better, or places to go to release the frustration so that it doesn't come out at home. Then, just like I'd do with my kids, I notice warning signs and gently suggest that now might be a good time to go for a walk, or whatever it is that helps him. Also, we read through Bach Flower remedy descriptions and found some that really fit- along the lines of feeling trapped or helpless and a few others. It does seem to help him to sip on water with a few drops of these remedies mixed in!

I've also made a huge effort to shower him with compassion and love and physical touch. It makes a big difference for him and for my own feelings, and for our relationship.



Hi again. Thank you all for the suggestions. There were some great ones! I can't believe it has never occurred to me to do a spreadsheet before. Sometimes I don't seem to think about practical approaches because I am busy stewing about how much the containers are bugging me. I feel better now I've read your responses, knowing there are other things to consider. He does have tools and machinery he would look on as irreplaceable- they either have special history, or he bought then at such bargain prices, he knows that kind of special find is unlikely to happen twice. Thanks for that reminder.

We have advertised on our local online classifieds for a suitable acreage, and I have asked contacts on Facebook to keep an eye out for something for us, so there's hope. We are also going to advertise in the newspaper. I don't think I could work right now, with unschooling 2 children and a toddler. Kudos to anyone who can manage a job whilst unschooling!

I find that when I am feeling resentful about something he has done/is doing, I withdraw quite a bit physically. We have a 1 year old sharing a bed with us so intimacy is rare at the moment, but thinking about it, I don't even kiss or hug him much anymore. I guess I've been waiting for things to get better between us, thinking then I might be more affectionate. When another way of looking at it, is if I'm more affectionate, things might get better between us. Thanks again.