Pam Sorooshian

This is from an article in the New Yorker about deciding whether or not to
go to graduate school. But this part reminds me a lot of deciding to
unschool. I especially love the part about you being changed, too.

"Sometimes, you can�t know what something is like until you try it. You
can�t know what Vegemite tastes like, for example, until you try Vegemite;
you can�t know what having children will be like until you have children.
You can guess what these things will be like; you can ask people; you can
draw up lists of pros and cons; but, at the end of the day, �without having
the experience itself� you �cannot even have an approximate idea as to what
it is like to have that experience.� That�s because you won�t just be
having the experience; the experience will be changing you. On the other
side, you will be a different kind of person. Making such a decision, you
will always be uninformed."


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