Sandra Dodd

This is for sharing with the discussion itself, and especially the experienced regular posters. I had written to someone asking her to do something a little differently, in an online game, and wrote "Thank you for understanding."

She wrote:

"Thank you for being understanding."

You (and others on the Always Learning list) have helped me, over the years, to become more understanding. To be calmer, more balanced, more giving, more peaceful, happier, more giving...

...and that's made a world of difference for my kids, and my marriage, and my interactions with others, as now.


I'm sure sometimes responding to posts here or elsewhere can seem minor and maybe unimportant to those who post, but please keep doing it. Every day there are new people who have read nothing before that day. Always Learning has had 25 new members in the past seven days. When you share some of the best of what you've discovered, you help other children have more peaceful lives, and happier lives.

Thank you, everyone who is here with a good will and positive intent. Thank you to those of you who don't really need the discussion yourself anymore but spend some of your own time helping others, for your own reasons. Thank you to those who are willing to give imperfect advice that others will tweak and untangle, because those discussions are life changing.


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