Robyn Coburn

Just FYI, "We bought a zoo" does not "center around" the mom dying, that happened 6 months before the story starts. It centers on the dads efforts to save the zoo with a team of quirky zoo workers, his family and then the community, and him coming to terms with the fact that his life can still be wonderful even if it is very different. At the same time the dad learns to remember his wife with joy instead of sadness.

It is extremely heart warming. There is a homeschooled character which is a nice thing. The little girl is way cute. It is about relationships, and the dad learning how to be a better parent for his grieving teen son, an artist. There are times when I was shaking my head because if only he were applying unschooling principles to that relationship, everyone's life would be so much easier.

There IS an old sick tiger, and part of the story is about the time being right to end his life because he is suffering - the hard part of running a zoo. But that is handled with great sensitivity too, and mostly through the memorial. Adults could watch first and see if it is too much for some kids.

Robyn L Coburn

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