Sandra Dodd

Peace and tools, not war and weapons.

I lifted this from a facebook status post, and a happy one, too, but I want to use it to discuss word use and slight changes that result in different destinations. I think the author is on Always Learning. Please, let's let it be anonymous. Don't claim it, don't anyone identify the author. That's not what matters at all.

The quote is:
[The baby just had a] bath with daddy in the big tub. And then he promptly fell asleep. lol. It looks like we have a new weapon in the nap/bedtime wars :)


No baby should be at war.
If parents are their children's partners, why do they need weapons?

A baby who had a bath with his dad and is asleep should be at peace. His parents can be at peace.

If you draw a line, a trajectory, out from one point, and then you atart a new line from the same starting point, but change the angle by just two or three degrees... right at first, that line will be on the first line (depending how fat your pen or pencil writes), and then very near for a while, but if you continue it out for two feet, five feet, ten feet, a mile, you will end up nowhere near that first line.

What if you change ten degrees, or thirty? In no time, you're a long way from where you would have been with no change at all.


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