I recently bought a really fabulous book called "Unbored."

It is described as an activity book for kids, but it is really more than that. It is a book that tries to get people to try new experiences and learn about things just for the joy of it and, hopefully, to find interests that you are passionate about. For example, under the DIY section one of the activities is "Unschool Yourself", and it actually has some great suggestions on how you can start to take control of your own learning even if you are a person who must attend school.

The book also has great activities/ideas like taking stuff apart to see how it works (faucets, dishwashers etc,), how to properly short-sheet a bed, decorating your room with spray paint and stencils (or not), how to make a horse out of timothy grass, lists of "best ever" for different book and film genres, making and downloading music, different ways to journal (visual, written, audio) etc. It really has a very wide variety of things to offer. Think of it a bit like a very, very detailed version of Mary Gold's ABC's of Unschooling list of activities:

When I read through this book I thought that it really makes a great strewing resource for experienced unschoolers, but also, it would be incredibly helpful for new unschoolers who are at that stage where they have just started out and are asking themselves (and others) "what should I do with my kids all day?" The next time someone asks that question, I would direct them to this book.


Sandra Dodd

When my kids were little I had a few books about what to do on a rainy day (though in New Mexico the answer to that is "run out and play in the very-rare rain!), and things to do in the car and such. They were useful and probably made it easier for me to be calm about being with my kids all the time.

If there are other current such books or lists peole want to bring here, I can save a lits of them out there in public somewhere (on my site, I mean).