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I pulled a story from one of my SCA pages and cleaned it up for unschooler use.

There is new art and a new link for this page:

I've had several reasons, over the past week, to remember that life can become more complicated than it needs to be. Rather than thinking up all kinds of rules for marriage and decisions and parenting, if one does what it takes to be a calmer, better person, most of the other things will improve right then.

Unschooling has helped me consider good reasons for my actions, and any action undertaken after some thought and some good reasoning seems to have a ripple effect on other parts of my life (and sometimes other people's).

And sometimes I wish I had taken a few moments to consider my actions and not just blurted out the first thing I thought of. :-) But I do that less often than I would have had my life gone other ways.



Thank you for sharing this. I read both links and found a lot of love and inspiration there.

I am a big fan of Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead and often find them to be very profound and inspiring:

Like in Scarlet Begonias: "Sometimes you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right."

Uncle John's Band: "Ain't no time to hate... barely time to wait!"

Ripple: Dang, the whole darn song is a piece of poetry... "Ripple in still water, when there is no pebble tossed... no wind to blow..."

I only learned about unschooling a couple of months ago and our lives have have changed tremendously in that time. When I first read about it I was considering homeschooling and I felt very drawn to this approach although I really could not quite comprehend it. I decided to just start walking down this mysterious path in hopes that someday, way down the road, things would start to clarify in my mind. I have already had so many exciting moments where a big realization suddenly clicks into place in my mind. I feel so much calmer and more peaceful inside. The amazing thing is watching how this Ripples through my family. We are all experiencing profound change and I just wanted to take a moment out of my busy, thought filled day to give my deepest, sincerest thanks to those of you who have been such passionate angels in opening up your lives and your minds for the benefit of the rest of us. It is a very beautiful thing that you do and you are changing the world. You have just completely changed the world for this family. So thank you, thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for your selflessness and beauty. We all love you very much. Ripple on ladies!!


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Sandra Dodd

I agree about this song:

-=-Ripple: Dang, the whole darn song is a piece of poetry... "Ripple in still water, when there is no pebble tossed... no wind to blow..." -=-

For anyone who's never heard it, here's something that I think anyone can get to:
It's not really a video. Ther'es a painting to look at.

Someone in the coments wrote "I wish I'd have never listened to this album, just so I could listen to it again for the first time."
I'm not ashamed to say that there was something special about hearing it stoned in the early 1970's.

The lyrics are annotated extensively here:

While it's not one of my primary philsophical touchstones, it is beautiful and profound.