Sandra Dodd

Someone wrote to see if maybe this group was broken because it had been a few days since a post. :-)

I think people are in the wait a while and watch phase! Or they're reading and writing elsewhere.

Myself, I was in Florida with Keith and Holly, at the Florida Unschooling Conference, and then our flight home was cancelled so we stayed in a hotel in Dallas, and then it took me two days to recover (most of that time spent sleeping or reading).

Another thing happened last week. Pam Sorooshian's daughter, Roya, lost her baby six days before her due date. The cord was wrapped around, and baby Daisy expired in utero. Those who are friends with Pam or Roya shouldn't write here; contact them otherwise, by facebook or e-mail. Pam's not going to want to talk about it right now, I don't think, but people wanting to donate food or money can check a couple of places:

"Take Them a Meal"
Adam and Roya Dedeaux
password Daisy

Or money to help them with expenses:

I usually disallow social causes on this list, but Pam has been a moderator (along with Joyce) since the day the list was formed, and has for a long time been living her unschooling life in public, for the benefit of others, and so this situation played out in public as well.

It's also very likely to be a partial cause of the very quiet few days here.

Now I'm going to try to stir up some discussion so people will know their subscriptions to Always Learning are operational.


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