Sandra Dodd

We have more new members lately than usual, so it seems a good time for a reminder.

Because it is possible to sign onto a discussion mailing list without actually going to the main yahoogroups page,
here's the main page of this group:

I know it's easy to ignore the e-mails from yahoo, because they might just be little form letters, but the letters that should be going to new members of this group are not form letters at all.

Always Learning is nearly 11 years old, and has (at the moment) 3804 members. Surely some of them have forgotten they're on here, and some are too busy to read it. That still leaves a couple of thousand who are reading. Few of those post, which is fine.

The moderators are wonderful people who volunteer their time to keep this discussion peaceful and on topic and true to the kind of unschooling that has worked well in very many of the families here. There are lots of places for fluffy discussion and vague platitudes, but this has never been one of them.

New members are welcome, but please do read the page above and the links on it for new members, about posting, notes on the purpose of the list and some about John Holt, before posting.