Kristin Ames

Yes, Glenda & thank you Pam!
I had an ah-ha moment from this food limiting thread that came to me about
the baby proofing in our house-Eli's almost 3 & a half & we still have the
stove protecters & toilet lock on. Although he knows how to operate both
appliances safely, i've been reluctant to take off the locks "for his
safety" (& my convenience, honestly) but I think, after reading this
thread, that perhaps the time for those "limits" has passed.
Thank you!!!

I always learn something unexpected here!

Pam said-
"Kids can learn about foods and their own needs and safety and health the
same way they learn to be safe in the out-of-doors or in a kitchen or near
a lake. Maybe try to consider it that way. Give them opportunities to
Too much restriction, control, and limiting is counterproductive to
helping them learn. Conventional parenting does a LOT of controlling and
limiting - often so much that it results in
serious shut-downs of learning processes and creates resistance or apathy
in the developing child.."

Eli's been expressing resistance to toilet & potty use, maybe taking the
lock off will have a positive effect....

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