I just wanted to say I have really been enjoying the posts here. They touch on so many situations that we as parents live through each day. I am by no means an unschooler (yet), I am in the process of gleaning, learning and healing myself and my children. We are making changes and transitions as a family, but one at a time. My husband came from from deployments as an abusive Father and husband and we are working and coping our way through the crescendo of that wave. Over the years I have molded and allowed myself to be molded from an intuitive parent to a hectic and harried one. I completely lost my focus and center. One of my goals at the moment is to deschedule our lives as much as possible. For a few years now we have been on a roller coaster, and it's time to RELEARN how to stop and smell the roses. We are learning a whole new way to be. My goals are gentleness and respect. My childrens' joy, peace and love. After years of trying to please others by conforming in the area of being on time especially, I now tell people that I have 7 children. We will arrive where we are going just as soon as we can peacefully get there. After years of YELLING "Go, go GO GET IN THE CAR, NOW, HURRY, HURRY GOOOOOOOOOOOO!". I simply tell people that I won't disrespect my children in that way. It has been surprising how open people have been to that. Too often I looked for the approval of others rather than joy in being where I was. I love and loved every moment, but I wasn't ever really 100% present. My children too are having to learn to be patient and loving. These lessons are so much more important than anything they could ever learn in a classroom. They are blossoming. We have a lot of healing to do, and a long ways to go, but I wanted to thank you all for giving me food for thought and reminding me as a parent that it is not in one or two areas or however many, children, because they simple ARE deserve to be listened to, loved respected and cherished.

Stefanie in Alaska