-=-I often wish our lives could be more free in this arena. Oh, how easy life would be if we could eat so many of the 'normal' foods....eggs, nuts, dairy, etc........different foods for each child too! My 2 year old is allergic to coconut. I allow her to have it at times for many reasons that have to do with how the body deals with allergies. She gets a bad diaper rash and eczema on her cheeks. She knows its the cause and says "no more coconut mama". -=-
All of the current research I've been reading recently on peanut allergies, but I think also could be applied to coconut, has been looking at minimal exposure daily to decrease the immune reaction to peanuts. You might look into the current research and see what you find. It might also change how you deal with the coconut, eggs, nuts and dairy allergies.


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