My son wrote this little story about his character so he could be part of a game on Terraria ( an online game).
Sure there are many errors but I think that for a 9 year old that never ever had any lessons on anything related to reading or writing it is pretty good. Probably better than many kids his age in school.
I have friends that are very relaxed homeschoolers that still make their kids write a paragraph a day.
I know my son writes and reads a lot on his own terms. He does a lot of research on his games reading online forums, watching and reading comments on YouTube, reading guides and sites.
It is all because of his passion for video gaming.
Here it is:

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Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2011 20:27:43 -0500

Character Name:Jack
Character Age: 25
Character Gender:Male
Character Faction:Frya
Character Story:Jack was born inside a mansion and loved to
go into the mine to get gold.He would kill anyone it looked
like he was able to handle with a bow N arrow and a silver
sword.He lived the job of a merchant selling ores and
ingots.While mining once he saw goblins .With a silver bow
golden armor and a phaseblade he ran to his house.While
running he saw the goblins going towards his father.He just
ran to the house.Once there he guarded the doors.When a
goblin theif ran up behind him his arm was broken and he
made it to the basement hidden in the hallway behind a
picture.Once there he found his mother already there.His
mother told him about his frya bloodline and where frya
is.Jack was looted by a goblin theif when he left the safe
room .Left only with copper tools he made it to frya.He was
carefull because the people of frya did not trust him.He saw
a windian spy and killed him.The frya army saw a campfire
one of them went to the campfire.To see jack had killed the
spy.He lived in frya as a citzen .W hen 20 he did 4 years of
training in swordsman ship and the bow and arrow .When 25 he
fought his first battle in a huge war.Gameplay starts
here.Also he hates goblins.Hope you liked it and the story
tells he uses swords as a main weapon Vampire Paladin rawr 

Alex Polikowsky

PS Notice his spelling is really good for a 9 year old. I did not correct any of it , this is unedited

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