Sandra Dodd

Keith and I are off for an overnight trip, to hear my sister perform music in a bar in Chama. I made a similar trip with four young people a couple of weeks ago, but that was more rushed. Keith and I are goofing around. As I write this, Saturday about dinner time, Keith's accidentally fallen asleep and I have no internet, so this will probably launch itself unexpectedly in the middle of the night or something, when the spotty wifi coughs up some power.

On the way up here, we were talking about Holly, and Keith remarked on her confidence--that part of what made her attractive was that she has a confident presence.

I think that's true. She doesn't avoid eye contact, she has not a bit of ducking or shame or avoidance or anything.

I wanted to share a description of herself on some website:

"Singing, dancing, stretching, growing, farting, thinking, expanding, shining and dining. Seemingly random notes in between can be found here."

I like her confidence and lack of self-consciousness, even in something that casual.