<<<<Sometimes i also feel agressed by your hapiness and how much unschooling
values hapiness and adequate activities to children needs. I feel
agressed because sometimes i dont know how to be that happy mother.
Today i asked my husband to come back from work because i could not stop crying and did not want our sun to have a bad day with me (the reason
is not important). In other days i'm not crying but i feel and see i
cant respond to is needs (fisical smart, i supose) and i'm to tyred to
do fisical stuff. The other day i was reading here about a trampolin, we will love one like that but have no space. >>>>>

 Are you depressed?
Your son is very young and sometimes post-partum depression can stay for a long time. I know my sister suffered for years when she had her youngest. It took her  realizing it was depression to be able to work on it and get out of it.

Is you native language Portuguese? I ask because of your son's name. I am from Brazil.

Alex Polikowsky

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Joyce Fetteroll

> Are you depressed?

That's the question that was building up for me as I read.

While people here might be able to make suggestions to pieces of what
you're going through, they'd ultimately be like bandages on wounds
that are festering inside. The surface might look better but what's
causing the problem is underneath.


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"catiamaciel@..." <catiamaciel@...> wrote:
>> many times he wants to go out all day, since 11 months that he walks so e goes to the door and asks to go out, if i dont respond he screams. I normaly go but many times we have no place to go.

At his age, you don't really have to go anywhere specific, just someplace relatively safe for him to explore: someplace with stairs so he can go up and down, over and over. Is there anywhere nearby with a fountain? Hours of fun. Anything he can climb? A low wall or a tall curb for him to walk on? It can help to get down on the ground and look at the world from his perspective - what's interesting from down there? Take him places where there aren't a lot of people so he can run, and take him places where there are people so he can look at people and socialize if he wants.

>On those days i feel sad that my son does not like our nest

My daughter isn't a very social person, but when she was 2 she wanted to go out every day. So for awhile we went out every day - or nearly. It didn't matter where, for the most part. It might help to think that you're "nest" is so comfortable he's now ready to step out of it and explore, knowing the nest will be there when he gets back. That's one of the ways kids grow more independent - its a good thing! You've made a nice safe place he can trust well enough to step away from.

> Our house is very small
> (48m2) so, any advice on having a busy todler inside is welcome. We have no deco objects or fourniture on the way.

Can you make a simple slide? Look for something smooth - a piece of counter-top, a piece of metal or plastic... depending on where you live you may be able to scavenge something. When my kids were little I had a piece of plastic pipe I got from a construction dumpster, about .75m across and maybe 1.5m long. It made a nice tunnel to crawl through, it could be rolled back and forth with a giggling child inside, and with one end propped up it was a slide.

Look for old mattresses and cushions, too. Those can be used to jump on, or to build with like giant blocks, draped with cloths to make tents or "caves" - and then stacked up in a corner out of the way or used as furniture.