Lyla Wolfenstein

my daughter kina (16), her girlfriend lani (18) and their new friend
laura from paris, who they met at not back to school camp this year,
are hatching plans for a huge adventure through europe this coming
spring (2012).

i am thrilled for them, though also a bit wistful that i didn't get it
together to plan a trip for me and my daughter to do a european trip
together for her first time. c'est la vie, and i will definitely plan
something for just the two of us before she's gone from our home and
less available for such adventures.

at the moment they are planning more than 2 months worth of travel,
with 8 countries: france, spain, italy, austria, germany,
czechoslovakia, the netherlands, and england.

i've been to europe, but it was 27 years ago! before the berlin wall
came down :O

they are marginally experienced in international travel - lani and
kina went on a 7 week trip to south america with Unschool Adventures
this past winter, but haven't traveled entirely on their own much
yet, and certainly not through many countries.

this is a big letting go for me, one of many to come (and several
passed already), and i am working to be a great resource, to share her
excitement, and to not make it about my own loss or my worst case
scenario fears (which is, at times, challenging :)), but i think i am
mostly succeeding.

would love discussion about that process/similar experiences any of
you might have had with older unschoolers, as well as offlist contact
from anyone who lives in europe and might welcome travelers for couch
surfing, or who have tips or recommendations for places to stay/things
to consider/ways to save money on their trip. lylaw@... for
offlist connection please. but any discussion related to the
unschooling aspects of this post would be great onlist, i am thinking

warmly, lyla


My niece just spent the whole Summer back packing Europe and wrote a blog about it here:

She had the time of her life. She met tons of people and went everywhere.

Alex Polikowsky

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PLEASE reply offlist if it’s just about travel, not about unschooling related to travel. thanks.

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