Drum roll.......

Is the new place for unschoolers (of any age!) to share their creative works with each other
and the world. If parents are interested in sharing their art, we can add a "parent" section too.

I would love for a few other parents or older unschoolers to help me administer
the blog, so please email me off-list if you're interested.

Unschoolers can send their work here for posting on the blog:

If your unschooler would like to have a bio and photo on the site, please send
that too.

Drawings, animation, videos, photos, photos of sculptures, comics, creative
writing, ......any and everything creative welcome!



From an off-list email:

---"Music too?"---

YES! Absolutely! Sorry to all the musicians for forgetting about them :-)

and the email address, which didn't come through due to security or whatever is:
unschoolersartgallery @ gmail .com (take out the spaces)