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Amy Chester
Put this question to yourself: should I use everyone else to attain happiness, or should I help others gain happiness? HH Dalai Lama

I lifted that quote from Amy Chester's facebook page. It matches some of the thoughts brought up in the Wednesday chat, and other places around the web this week, regarding unschoolers and problems among them. And other groups. And churches.

We can't control other people; that's for sure. We can influence people, sometimes. People's capabilities and proclivities are different.
Some people are good at helping others unschool and some aren't. Some come to unschooling discussions, park days, or gatherings hoping others will tell them they're great moms. Some come to get help to be better moms. Some come to find friends for their kids or for themselves, and don't want to talk about what they believe. That's all fine.

Some people want their children to make them feel like good moms, rather than wanting to be the kind of mom that makes her children feel like whole people. Sometimes people can have both. :-) When there's a choice, the unselfish choice usually yields the most happiness.

From my point of view, as someone who gathers ideas and puts them where others can pick them up and use them, I prefer to deal with those who are able and willing to help others gain happiness.

Serious ideas will be discussed in Albuquerque this December 28-31, with several of my favorite writers. Pam Sorooshian, Joyce Fetteroll, Deb Lewis, Jill Parmer. Julie Daniel is nearly decided to be here, and though most of you don't know her, you'll be happy if you do get to hear what she and Adam will have to share.

Serious ideas will continue to be discussed on this yahoo group. :-)

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