Hi Jihong

I asked my son Darcy what he'd reply to that question "how can I build
something like that?" (the city) and he said:

Start with something small like a house / hut,
Then add to that, small details, using different materials, imagining
And try changing materials.
Then just keep improving/adding/changing.

While I typed up his reply I imagined different ways to respond, depending
on the child, your circumstances, other interests.

My first response would be to tell my son there are a lot of ways to go
about a project like that, and to ask him what kinds of things he has done
in the game that are similar, or which aspect of the city he likes, or
recognises. If he is really very short on ideas, maybe I would honestly
guess - if I pretend I want to build something like that (not necessarily in
minecraft, but with materials I do know something about, either lego or clay
or matchsticks bricks) "if I was using <????> I guess first I might _____
and then I think I would ____" I'd try to remember to stop as soon as my son
starts coming up with his own ideas - and if he didn't I'd quickly try to
come up with a different approach as an alternative just to prove there are
other ways.

I've seen some people plan big projects by drafting ideas in sketches first:
sometimes by starting in one spot and then expanding, but othertimes by
laying out the available or desired space and then filling in; other times
by sketching various bits separately and then trying to meld them together.

Others tend to talk and wave their hands while imagining.

Others go quiet, silent somewhere and just sit or lay and imagine for a few

For the city in video, the video could be played full screen then paused at
different points and then examined in detail, trying to guess what was done,
perhaps with a magnifying glass.

Youtube has comments, so you could add a comment asking the creator how it
was done - or asking all viewers how they think it was done or would do it.

The "Related videos" come sometimes extend the inspiration.

There is also the strategy of "filing" an idea: hmm, that's something to
think about - "let's sleep on that one and see what we learn over time". I
also use delicious bookmarks; but there are other online bookmarking
services, or the browser's bookmark feature (and you could show him how to
set up folders to collect project ideas). Alternatively a tool like
Evernote works like a scrapbook.

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