Natarsha Marr

Sandra Wrote:
---I think an intact family is more important to a child,and even to an adult
who has the chance to visit his parents together in the same house, than
school-or-not- school is.

Even better is an intact family and unschooling. :-) ---
This advice has come up several times in various threads, including one I needed
help with regards to an ex-husband not understanding unschooling and that his or
my partners fear could lead to us going back to school. My last post on that
subject ended with me saying--''I wonder if I would be able to withstand any
resentment that most likely would arise... I certainly hope that I never have to
find out.''
I have since 'found out' in a very roundabout way and am greatful that logic
finally overthrew my ego =) I am now at a place that can see the family as a
whole being more important than 'my' feelings alone and am open (if it ever
happens/arises) to my girls going to school if that was what needed to be done
for the good of our family, for the girls to have that stability and all the
extra love that comes from us being together. (Without Resentment!) This only
shifted as each time the subject arose for me, Sandra's and the others
voices kept popping up which helped me to think more about what being together
really meant and why I have chosen an unschooling path. For more family time and
to enjoy eachother! It shouldn't matter how that has to happen if I can strive
for more peace and joy in any situation.

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Sandra Dodd

Natarsha's post was in my e-mail immediately before an announcement for this site:

A year ago when I knew I was going to speak at a marriage conference, I started paying more attention to what's out there for support, and there's a post about songs that might have been theme songs for this page. There are several videos linked. Nobody could agree with all of them at the same time, philosophically, so don't get hung up on the idea of them as a set. That wasn't the point. But it IS a cool set of things about relationships.