Sandra Dodd

It seems silly and wrong for me to need to remind people to read the intro to the list. I believe (please confirm or clarify if I'm wrong) that each new member receives an e-mail introduction asking them to read the main page. One thing that page has said for a long time is this:

This is a moderated group, with trapdoors for the uncooperative. (Not moderated in the advance-approval way, but in the be-nice-to-play way. New members' posts are moderated, and it's good to read several dozen posts before jumping in.)

Two members have been let out the hole for rude letters to the list and/or to moderators. It's work to manage a discussion like this, and those who come with the purpose of insult and disruption aren't welcome. The moderators, and other list members, have spent more time responding than those members spent reading those responses and links.


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