Sandra Dodd

From an article about Lindsey Lohan going to court on the charge of having stolen a necklace from a store:

The actress is due back before a judge at the end of the week as the case concerning her alleged theft of a £1,500 necklace continues.

And her mother DINA believes her daughter may opt to not dispute the charge.

In California a "no contest" plea can be entered as an alternative to guilty or not guilty. It is not an admission of any wrongdoing.

Dina explained: "Obviously she's not pleading guilty. My children don't steal things."


I had already set up a post at Just Add Light and Stir, to be mailed automatically tomorrow, because Holly and I are going to Chicago tomorrow, for the InHome Conference in Illinois. The quote I put up before I found the article above is:

"If your child is more important than your vision of your child, life becomes easier."

A mother saying "My children don't steal things" isn't very helpful if one of the children has been caught stealing.

If a mom says "We believe..." or "We love..." something, speaking for her entire family, how free will her children feel to choose otherwise? And if the mother holds her statement of belief in such high regard that she won't even look at what her children actually do believe or love, she is not seeing her children directly.

That doesn't apply to a three year old boy. It's about why it would ever be a problem for one person to speak for a family and to defend that position "la la la la" without considering that children grow older and might not WANT their mother speaking for them. Or that one person can't be positive that her hoped-for family belief might not be shared by her husband or by each of her children.


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