Mary Hickcox

This is an interesting topic.  I am curious to see what others take is on this.  
To me, I feel very strongly about how I parent, but I also know that there are no absolutes in life and also that I do not walk in other's shoes.  If I were in some one else's home I would want to feel comfortable parenting how I see fit.  I would not want some one telling me that I could not parent a certain way because it was their home, unless of course it was abusive or in some way destructive to their home.  I would be open to hearing what you said you did, re frame the behavior to be seen in another light or if you know the person well chatting with them another time about discipline ideas in general.
If it is abusive, which I know is subjective, then by all means you should probably step in.  I often use those instances that my children witness as a way for them to understand differences in the world and in the way people parent.  It has led to many an interesting conversation with my kiddos.

Mary mama to Dylan (11), Colin (7) and Theo (3)
"Be who you want your children to be."    Unknown  

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