Robin Bentley

It might not be "Grover and the Everything in the Whole Wide World
Museum" but this site is pretty cool!

It shows art in collections all over the world, as if you were walking
through the galleries (photographed with robots!). You can look at
individual paintings and zoom in on the details, read notes about the
artwork and the artists, hear audio commentary, learn more about the
museums and other works. You can even create a collection of your own!

I'm not close to done going through the seventeen museums, but I
stumbled upon this painting in the Uffizzi Gallery in Florence, Italy.
So beautiful (the artist's name was augmented with his illumination
technique) - and it's been there since 1796!

I also found it fun to compare the works at Alte Nationalegallerie in
Berlin to those at the Italian one, both for the choice of art to
display (more religious themes in Italy) and for the differences in
immediate impact on me. The Italian gallery choices are riots of color
which I love; the German ones are much more subdued. It'll be
interesting to see how the other countries' galleries compare in theme
and style.

Have fun!

Robin B.