How to be a Good Unschooler: http://sandradodd.com/pam/howto

Pam wrote the above years ago. It's very inspirational. In it:

"It does not get more difficult to learn most things later; it gets easier."

I immediately remembered how much easier statistics was when I was 43 than
when I first signed up at 35 and dropped it for later. I couldn't wrap my
head around it. The same is true for Karl who now finds it easy pick up
whole phrases (like "no soy no dairy" on the coconut milk container) at a
glance. That was today. He has been pulling up webpages, glancing at phrases
or directions, and reading them with no hesitation or confirmation to make
sure he's right. He knows it's right. About six months ago he said he would
have to learn the longest words in the world and then he would be able to
read, with a look on his face that it seemed impossible to imagine being
able to do that.

Unschooling is like that too. It gets easier and it gets better. I'm having
fun watching things develop. It's like I'm watching a movie and I get some
good lines in my part too. Karl who has always been one to avoid schedules
is now interested in winding back his sleep schedule. Who knew. He says it's
time for bed.


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