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I have listened and watched and waited...

Today I woke up and decided to ignore my list and listen to my child. Yesterday she asked me if we could return tomorrow to the park we were at with her camera so she could do some photography...then she wanted to go to the library...it had been a long time since we had been there.
I threw away my list and packed a picnic lunch instead...charged the camera batteries instead...transfered full memory cards to our computer instead. We returned to the park and my daughters took wonderful, inspiring pictures...we ate lunch on a blanket with happy smiles...i took pictures of my girls free at the playground...at the library, my girls chose books they were passionate about and ran to me to tell all (while I got curious stares from other parents).
Later that day, I had invited a friend of mine over. After having a tea with her, I asked the girls if they would like to order pizza and what they would like on it...they, my friend and I compromised on toppings...then my friend and I made a stop at a movie rental place where we chose a movie that we would all enjoy (which included a call home to make sure the girls would agree with the choice). We had our pizza, watched the movie...then my girls showed my friend all their fun (very practised) flexibility stunts and played some songs on the piano for her. To finish, my friend and I (former professional dancers) did a dance for my girls (with a song they chose). The entire evening could not have been more magical.
This is unschooling...and this day may sound mundane...but it is bliss...happiness...living in the moment...and I wouldn`t trade it for the world!